About Us

Clockwork Extrication is owned and operated by a professional firefighter who currently works in southern California, and previously served in the London fire brigade with a combined 19 years of service. Clockwork Extrication is the official TNT Rescue tool dealer for California and Nevada. In addition Clockwork Extrication is partnered up with Special Operations Chief Randy Wells of the Denver Fire Department in providing instruction and methodology on new car and old car technology to first responders across the nation.

We are heavily involved in the research and development of new tool design for TNT Rescue Systems and we have worked with several car manufacturers to perform various tests including Volvo and Honda. 

Clockwork Extrication is proud to represent TNT Rescue Systems in providing rescue tools that are BUILT TO RESCUE!!

Why Us?

Our tools are distributed world wide, we have various departments across the United States that use our tools including several major metropolitan departments. 

For more information on classes provided and supported by clockwork extrication please use the website Contact Us form.